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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Beyond the Content -

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Beyond the Content -Although the most important aspect of your LinkedIn profile is memorable, keyword-dense content that defines your personal brand, there are other key areas to focus on to ensure that your profile is perceived as professional, legitimate, and complete.The good news is that most of these items take much less time to set up than the contentPROFILE PICTUREProfiles without pictures have been compared to house listings without pictures. No one is going to trust that the house actually exists, let alone take steps to purchase it.If you are willing and able to spring for a professional headshot, that is ideal. If not, you can leise make a great impression with a picture by following a few guidelines Business casual dress Only you in the picture Face takes up 80% of frame Plain hintergrund Eye Contact SmileOne great way to think about the profile picture is as a representation of how you would look walking into an interview. Obviously, a wa rm smile and eye contact are vital in that rahmen, and the same rule applies to the profile picture.Profiles with pictures receive roughly 9x more views, so be sure your photo setting is Public. You can check this through LinkedIns Help Center Settings for Profile Photo Visibility.BACKGROUND PICTUREAdding a background banner is an easy way to make your profile visually distinctive. Try to use an image that will reinforce your personal brandFor example, I worked with a client in architecture who was incredibly proud of his family history in construction. In his summary he mentioned being a 3rd-generation construction professional, and for his background picture he used a shot of a beautiful historic building that his grandfather had worked on in the 1940s.SKILLSThis is another relatively simple section to set up, and it is well worth doing since profiles with Skills sections receive roughly 13x more views.Things to keep in mind-If you are job seeking, be sure that your top 10 skills are all aligned with the jobs you are targeting. For example, if you are transitioning from sales to operations, you want to call attention to the most relevant operational skills and areas of expertise you possess.-Dont include skills that are so niche no one would ever search for them. (Or at least, dont include too many) If LinkedIn doesnt recognize the skill as you are adding it, you might want to rethink the terminology you are using.-Browse around LinkedIn and search for people with similar roles for inspiration on skills you can claim.CONNECTIONSThe best LinkedIn profile in the world would be useless without a far-reaching network of connections. This is partly due to the fact that through the recruiter search platform, you can only be found if you are a first-, second-, or third-degree connection of the recruiter searching for you.While I would not recommend blindly connecting with anyone you stumble upon, it does make sense to build up your visibility by connecting with a w ide cross-section of decision makers in your industry. Furthermore, if you are an executive with 15+ years of experience in your field and have only a handful of connections, something doesnt quite compute.GROUPSLinkedIn groups represent a straightforward route to increasing your connections and finding people who might even be real-world contacts. There are groups formed around most job functions, industries, and even specific locations. Joining at least 20-30 is a good starting point, but beyond that it is also important to find a few groups with vibrant, active discussions that you can take part in to meet new people and establish your expertise.LinkedIn Guide to Finding/Joining GroupsLINKEDIN ACTIVITYThe ultimate goal of LinkedIn is conducting a passive job search the dream scenario where you are approached by a recruiter or potential employer who found your profile while you were sleeping, eating lunch, or catching up on the last season of Game of Thrones.This is all well and g ood, but you can also improve the odds of being found and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field by staying active on the platform.Aiming for at least several posts per month is an excellent goal to keep yourself front of mind with your network. bedrngnis sure what to post? A few ideas-An article related to your industry or company-An update on a project you have been working on-A picture of you at a conference with a speaker or work connection-A picture or comment about your volunteer experienceIn sum LinkedIn is a treasure trove for job seeking and career managementbut only if you are maximizing your presence. Keep in mind that before focusing on any of these areas, you should make sure that your profile content is updated, aligned with your resume, and differentiating you from your peers

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Resume Makeover How We Took This Professional From Overwhelmed to Confident

Resume Makeover How We Took This Professional From Overwhelmed to Confident How We Took This Professional From Overwhelmed to ConfidentOverwhelmed in the job search? We simplified the process for this professional.Most professionals would agree that part of a fulfilling job is the opportunity for growth. Setting and reaching new goals, learning new skills, making waves in your field these are the things that make a role rewarding, not monotonously completing tasks day after day. Being in a job that seems to be going nowzu sichbeie means feeling stuck in your career as a whole, and unfortunately, thats how Beth Calahan (not herbei real name) feels right now.For many years, Beth was at the peak of her career as an event planner. She excelled in her work with a corporation on large events and then opened up her own event-planning geschftliches miteinander, which flourished. She established herself in her industry and built up a strong network along the way. However, these things were l eft behind when her family relocated for her husbands job.Now in a different state, Beth has found a role as a marketing manager at a new company, but the fleck isnt what she had hoped it would be. There is no career growth here, she told us. Im not learning and Im not growing. Its been a disappointing transition, and a few months ago, she finally decided to seek a change. Needing a new role that would give her those growth opportunities, she set out on a job search that unfortunately, only added to her frustration.RelatedShould You End Things With Your Job?An overwhelming job searchIf I had to describe my job search, Beth told us, the best word would be overwhelming.And we know shes not alone. For Beth, those feelings of worry and anxiety have translated into two major challenges for her job search. The first hurdle has been finding the time to craft a truly effective resume. Formatting, optimizing for applicant tracking systems, highlighting skills, incorporating keywords it can seem like an impossible task to take on all at once, particularly under the added pressure of searching for jobs. Add to that a full-time job and two young children to care for, and how could anyone find time to polish their resume? The result of this lack of time is Beths second hurdle not submitting her resume because she isnt confident in its quality.Its so time consuming because I have to write a new cover letter and tweak my resume for every application. I want to do a good job, but there are just so many elements. In the end, I feel paralyzed by the whole process and end up not applying at all.What Beth needed was a resume that would make her feel confident and eliminate her hesitation in the application process. With this in mind, she entered our resume-makeover contest and was this months lucky winnerThe difference (the right) resume-writing service can makeAs it turns out, this wasnt Beths first time working with a resume-writing service. Beth shared that she had previously worked with another service, but it wasnt a positive experience the finished product wasnt impressive and lacked the professional expertise she thought she was paying for. In fact, she felt that her resume was barely touched at all When I saw my new resume, it was like the writer didnt even do anything, she explained. Naturally, this left her feeling skeptical about resume-writing services overall.When Beth was paired up with TopResume writer Jackie, her opinion soon changed Beth was pleasantly surprised by the care and consideration Jackie put into her resume. Lets take a closer look at what Jackie did to improve Beths resume.Crafting a stronger resumeJackies main priority was to take Beths already-impressive accomplishments and position them in a way that would be mora impactful and catch the eyes of hiring managers. To get into the nitty-gritty details of the rewrite, weve highlighted the five major changes Jackie made to Beths resume. Click here to view Beths finished resume in its entirety.1. Created visual impactBeths original resume featured long blocks of text, which can be difficult to read and bury the fruchtwein important information hiring managers are looking for. To fix this, Jackie focused on breaking up the text into more concise, easily digestible lines to allow readers to quickly scan Beths resume.Jackie also reformatted sections of the resume to increase white space and create visual balance on the page. By eliminating the cluttered feel of Beths original resume, Jackie ensured that pertinent information is easy for a hiring manager to locate.2. Highlighted quantifiable achievementsIts not enough to simply list your day-to-day tasks, which is what Beths original resume did. Therefore, Jackie reworked each job description to focus on Beths quantifiable achievements. Percentages, dollar signs, and statistics are major eye catchers to employers because of the way they clearly communicate results. Highlighting these on Beths resume means that h iring managers and recruiters will immediately see the value she can contribute to their companies.Is your resume properly showcasing your achievements? Find out with our free review.3. Optimized for the ATSBeth knew about applicant tracking systems (ATS), but trying to beat the bots was one of the things she found most overwhelming about the job search. In order to get Beths resume past this strict software and in front of human eyes, Jackie incorporated industry-specific keywords throughout the document. Now, when the ATS scans Beths resume, it will categorize her as the qualified candidate that she is.4. Eliminated red flagsOwning and running a successful business is a huge accomplishment, but it can be difficult to convey this on a resume. Originally, Beth chose to limit the detail she gave about her business to give more attention to the experience she felt was more applicable to her current job search.Unfortunately, failing to elaborate on important experience can leave a nega tive impression on a hiring manager. Did the business fail? If so, what does it say about Beth as a professional? To eliminate any red flags like these, Jackie expanded the section on Beths business, showcasing its success and emphasizing her notable accomplishments.5. Streamlined credentialsIn Beths original resume, her skills, education, and professional development sections were disconnected, making it difficult for an employer to find specific details. Jackies solution was to centralize all of this information, organizing it all in one place at the bottom of the resume.She reformatted these sections with visual balance in mind a list of skills can be monotonous to read, and Jackies new formatting is more pleasing to the eye. Now hiring managers and recruiters will be able to both locate and comprehend her credentials with ease.A more efficient job searchThough worried at first about some of Jackies changes, Beth felt more at ease after learning the logic behind how they were ac tually making her resume more impactful. Now, she feels prepared and proud to send out her resume. Though Beth, like everyone, still has to adapt her resume for each and every application, the document Jackie created for her provides a solid framework to work off of.This has alleviated a lot of my anxiety about applying for jobs. Im so much more confident, and I know the application process will be a lot easier now, she told us. I know I was skeptical going into this, but above all, you just have to trust the process.You can get a professionally written resume as well. Learn more about TopResumes resume-writing services.Recommended ReadingAsk Amanda How Long Should I Stay at a New Job Before Quitting?What to Do When You Hate Your JobResume Makeover How We Helped This Jane of All Trades Focus Her ResumeRelated Articles

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The Appeal of Non Profit Resume Writing Service

The Appeal of Non Profit Resume Writing Service You need to have a well-written resume if youre serious about landing a pharmacy technician job. Instead, youre highlight relevant abilities and achievements from previous work in the neatly-aligned bullet points. Understanding how to tailor your resume will obviously offer you an advantage. The challenge of being a true student trying to find a job tends to be a deficiency of prior job experience. When youve reviewed resumes in your field, peruse resumes across fields to learn how to vary using action verbs and receive a feel for what makes a potent accomplishment statement. Employing a resume template is getting an acceptable and smart practice for numerous explanations. Notice how the example resumes are extremely specific when it has to do with technical skills. Below, you will locate a list of resume examples that could aid you with your work search. Writing a strong application is a difficult procedure and we would like to make it simpler. If youre trying to customize professional, pre-formatted resumes, have a look at our absolutely free downloadable templates. The subsequent professional resume template is suited to professional bankers, and its precisely what you want. Many also consist of supervisory and management experience and the adherence to codes and the capability to troubleshoot technical difficulties. Even if your information is in bullet format, it may still be hard to quickly recognize the pertinent abilities and accomplishments which are important to the prospective employer. Discover ways to get your resume noticed. What You Need to Do About Non Profit Resume Writing Service Before You Miss Your Chance Various kinds of work in the food service industry require resumes with several of the exact same skills. 1 advantage for employers to internet resumes is the substantial cost saving in contrast to traditional hiring methods. Food service is just one of the most difficult industries to work in. Customer service is an important element in many jobs and its crucial that you concentrate on that in your resume. Get the Scoop on Non Profit Resume Writing Service Before Youre Too Late In most instances, you should choose professional resume-writing service in place of rely on resume samples. The main disadvantage of using resume samples is they are incredibly generic. The duration of your resume Consider the sum of information that you want to include in your resume. It is wise to limit your career information to the past ten years unless there are unusual conditions. The medical industry can be quite competitive. Maybe you need a growth opportunity in your present field. Discover how to compose a variety of forms of resumes including investment banking resumes. Ensure you highlight technical wisdom and certifications. Getting the Best Non Profit Resume Writing Service Youre able to use our resume building software to create your own from scra tch. Possessing a very clear and professional resume is critical in the health care field. Everything in your resume needs to be simple to read and simple to comprehend. Whispered Non Profit Resume Writing Service Secrets Should you need some tips on how to craft the very best healthcare resume for your distinct field, have a look at our samples and the accompanying writing guides. To prove to a prospective employer that you could make a great executive, you begin by writing a professional resume. Such long resumes are not likely to catch the interest of prospective employers and could wind up in the trash bin. Writing a resume for employment in the art industry can be difficult. Resumes may be used for a number of reasons, but most often theyre utilized to secure new employment. They may be organized in different ways. Your resume, after all, isnt an autobiography, but instead a summary of your previous experience and qualifications.

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Legal Writing and Editing

Legal Writing and EditingLegal Writing and EditingLegal writers and editors produce a wide range of written materials for the legal industry. From legal newsletters, brochures, and marketing copy to feature articles, web content, legal blogs (blawgs), news reports and attorney profiles, legal writing can take many forms. A few of the most common types of legal writing are outlined below Feature Writers - Publish articles on legal topics in print and web-based media.Web Writers and Bloggers - Research, write and edit web content for online publications, law firm websites and law-based Internet sites.News Analysts - Reporters and correspondents report on the latest developments in the legal industry.Corporate Writers - Develop, write, edit and design a broad range of business materials for the legal industry, including press releases, brochures, leaflets, web copy, newsletters, profiles, marketing copy, business letters, presentations, reports, white papers, and academic materials. Leg al Analysts - Summarize case law, prepare news summaries and analyze industry events for online legal information vendors.Brief Writers - Perform research and draft briefs, motions, memorandums and other legal documents for law firm clients on a contract basis.Legal Editors - Perform copyediting, content editing and proofreading for a variety of legal publications. Education A minimum of a high school diploma or GED is required to obtain work in the legal writing and publishing field although a bachelors degree in English, writing, journalism, communications or related field is often preferred. While not always necessary, writers with law degrees have an advantage in certain legal writing markets. Legal Writing Skills Legal writers must have an excellent grasp of the stylistic and mechanical aspects of writing and the fundamentals of English grammar and usage. They must be able to express ideas in a clear, organized, concise and logical manner and meet aggressive deadlines. Legal experience or in-depth knowledge of the legal industry is generally necessary. oben liegend research skills and the ability to synthesize, draft and edit complex information are also important. Some legal writers may be required to identify and interview expert sources as well as conceive unique story ideas or fresh approaches to evergreen topics. Web writers and bloggers must be familiar with HTML, SEO, meta-strategy development, keyword research, and online content management systems. Legal editors must have excellent knowledge of grammar, usage, punctuation, and style as well as keen attention to detail and the ability to meet tight deadlines. Knowledge of legal terminology is also essential. Practice Environments Legal writers and editors work for publishing houses, magazines, marketing agencies, law firms, corporations, and public relations departments. Many are freelancers who sell their work to publishers, law firms and other entities. Job Outlook Employment of writers and editors is expected to grow 10 percent, or about as fast as the average for all occupations, from 2006 to 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Legal writing and editing opportunities are plentiful. With nearly one million lawyers in the United States and growing ranks of paralegals, secretaries and other legal professionals, new and diverse publications have launched to cater to this expanding legal audience. As web-based publications grow, the demand for writers with web experience and the ability to write for interactive media is also predicted to increase.

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Why thinking more positively is more critical for your success than you think 5 rules to help you get there

Why thinking more positively is more critical for yur success than you think 5 rules to help you get thereWhy thinking more positively is more critical for your success than you think - 5 rules to help you get thereAbout a year ago, my team and I at Skylum hit a turbulent period. We were doing great as a company, yet we came face to face with some unique and difficult challenges on account of entering a new B2B market, building and testing new products, and revamping our customer service process?- ?all in plus-rechnen to selling our services in more and more countries across the world. We ultimately had to restructure our team and rethink the way we were communicating with customers, marketing partners, and the media.All told, this required a lot of work and a lot of grit, day in and day out. There were long nights and many moments in which it would have been easy to write certain projects off as failures. To give up, in other words.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazin es on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreInstead, we committed to thinking positively, which helped inspire us to continue working harder and more creatively for improvements and solutions. Now, the B2B side of our business is thriving, as are our new processes and systems. And I can see just how much more engaged and motivated my entire team is on a daily basis.Heres the truth nurturing and maintaining a deliberately positive mindset is a crucial component of professional and personalsuccessIt amounts to a strategic commitment to finding and creating positive outcomes. And its in fact more crucial than most of us initially think. But unfortunately, staying positive isnt always easy. Our brains are wired to be cynical and to avoid risks. And negativity?- ?just like positivity?- ?is self-reinforcing. The more we practice thinking negatively and finding the worst in each situation, the more regularly well operate like that.That said, th inking positively is not impossible. And there are certain habits and practices you can adopt and abide by to practice cautious positivity over time?- ?both in your personal life and in your career. Here are a few that have worked best for me.1) Always get a good nightssleepYouve likely heard this before, but it really is absolutely essential. Its a matter of positioning yourself to start each day as prepared as possible for success and positivity. Thinking and operating positively starts with waking up positively. When you dont get a good nights sleep, you inevitably wake up frustrated, agitated, and tired.2) Always start your morning out doing something that energizes youAnd, no, I dont necessarily mean drinking coffee. Do something instead that recharges your mental batteries. Do something fun thats unrelated to work and that gets your mind moving. For some, that might look like writing in a journal, going on a run, or meditating. For me, it looks like drawing, or even working on my massive Lego city complex, which by this point consists of thousands of different bricks.But whatever you do, dont check your emails right away. To truly set yourself up for success, you have to take some time for you?- ?unless of course theres something urgent thats come up.3) Take care of your physicalhealthThis, in turn, will help you take care of your mental health. Personally, the more time I spend either at the gym, or running, or otherwise focusing on my physical health, the better I feel mentally?- ?and the better prepared I am for whatever challenges present themselves during the workday.4) Dont argue withpeopleArguing in general is unproductive. Typically, it serves only to sour your own mood and distract you from focusing on what you otherwise should be focused on finding positive solutions. So make it a rule to never enter into petty arguments with people?- ?ever. This is especially true in the afternoon when your brain naturally becomes more negative. Theres no bett er way to drain your brain of positivity than to waste essential energy arguing.5) Spend your time with positivepeopleOn the flip side, there may be no better way to increase your positivity?- ?to bolster your capacity for positive thinking?- ?than by surrounding yourself with positive people. People who view life and the challenges inherent to it as an opportunity, not a burden. The old adage rings true you really are the product of the people you spend the most time with. So it pays, then, to spend time with positive people.The benefits of all this are numerous and impactful.Personally, Ive seen positivity avail new opportunities and encourage me to take risks I might not otherwise would have. It helped me enter Skylum into new markets and try new, ultimately impactful tools, for example. Now, well all face tough times?- ?times when we think about quitting, or when everything seems to be working against you. But in those moments, maintaining a commitment to positivity is critical, as it encourages us to seek out new opportunities, lessons, and risks?- ?which, at the end of the day, everyone needs to do in order to better their life and continue developing as a person.The hard times, in this sense, act in service of a greater goal and purpose.This article first appeared on Minutes.

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The uncomfortable secret to finding your dream job

The uncomfortable secret to finding your dream jobThe uncomfortable secret to finding your dream jobTheres a phenomenon that happens in the beginning of biopics, a moment when, as a child, the soon-to-be famous protagonist hits a ball out of the local ballpark, sings a note she should not be able to sing, or launches an elaborately built rocket using too-sophisticated-for-her-age quantum physics.You see this in real life too, in live interviews and in magazine profiles successful person X explaining that she always knew she would do successful thing Y, that it was what she loved forever, that it shone in her face one day like a magic destiny sunbeam.When success happens like this, its beautiful and life-affirming, which is why we enjoy these stories as much as we do. The idea of a predetermined path gives us a sense of safety and security in a world that often feels random and senseless, a world in which us weirdos often feel lost.But much as meant to be love stories about the one fi ll us with unrealistic expectations about what marriage and finding a partner are supposed to look like, finding your career path doesnt always happen this way, and imagining that it will or should can leave you feeling anxious or paralyzed, wanting to crawl into a ball and hide under the bed. It can make you feel like you shouldnt even try.But I want you to try. I want you to get out from under the bed of fear and start living, so lets cut to the chase its highly unlikely that a career-path lightning bolt will hit you one day and give you road-to-success superpowers.Sometimes your career identity unfolds over years, the path twisting and turning as you learn more about both yourself and the working world. Sometimes, after decades doing something else, your brain cracks open, and you know you do not want to be a dental assistant anymore and instead need to become the worlds greatest cartoonist. And sometimes finding what you should do with your life starts simply with having the cou rage to try something else.None of this will be easy. All of it will require sacrifices that may at first feel unintuitive and even crazy. Especially if where you want to land is far from where you currently are. Especially if you are about to enter the business of reinvention.Ultimately, the process for finding the vocation I wanted and would excel at wasnt soft or calm. It wasnt worksheets or matching my personality type against a series of careers to see what lined up. Those things never turned up writer or editor instead they made me seem like a sociopath. And finding my calling wasnt even about being pragmatic and making lists of what I was good at and what interested me, what sounded compelling or fun.How I found the color of my particular parachute was by force, by taking a hard and honest look at my sadness and insecurity, what made me the most pissed off and envious, the things that I wanted to be so badly that I seethed.Follow your bad feelings and let them lead you to the BIG DREAM of what it is you want to do now. Because behind your anger and jealousy is passion, and even further behind it is fear, and these very strong feelings are what youre going to need to be immer und ewig and unrelenting and succeed at and love what you do.Is there a person in your life who makes you secretly feel TREMENDOUSLY jealous? Is there a job that makes you ANGRY?Now listen with more intention, because probably what youre actually hearing is I wish that were me. And instead of wasting all this time being jealous, sad, or pissed, you should channel that energy into transforming your life.Roll around in the world, examine what you like and what you dont, study what comes naturally to you and what doesnt. Follow your bad feelings to their origin. Lift up the rock of your envy of that girl who makes textiles/writes graphic novels/builds buildings/takes pictures. Expose yourself. Get to a place where you are vulnerable and open.In this journey of exploration, there may co me a moment when what you want to do will slap you in the face, when doing this thing and imagining yourself doing this thing will feel so special as to almost be illicit, and when thinking about getting paid just for doing this thing will nearly kill you with happiness.When someone else is doing what you want to do, you will blaze with jealousy. It will burn and burn and burn inside you.Actually doing what you want to do will make you feel so afraid your body will shake, and you will want to throw up. Whether your career dream is special or broad, creative or medical or political or technical, gaining access to this dream will feel exhilarating.This is how you know youve found it.This article is adapted from Weird In A World Thats Not A Career Guide For Misfits, F*ckups, And Failuresby Jennifer Romolini. It is reprinted with permission from HarperBusiness, a division of HarperCollins Publishers.

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12 high-paying side jobs you can do in your free time

12 high-paying side jobs you can do in your free time12 high-paying side jobs you can do in your free timeIf youre looking to earn some extra money, gain experience in a new field or industry, fill some free time, or find a summer gig, side jobs can fill all of these wishes.Side jobs typically involve part-time hours and may be temporary. ansicht jobs can be found in a variety of industries - some with great pay to boot. Side jobs dont have to be low-paying or unskilled jobs.FlexJobs has compiled examples of higher paying side jobs below, along with their hourly pay rate, type of flexibility offered, and links to their open listings on FlexJobs. Use this list find a great high-paying side gig you can do in your free timeHere are 12 high-paying side jobs you can do in your free timeAccountantPay $25/hourType of flexibility Part-time, freelance, telecommuteAccountants can use their financial know-how to earn money on the side with part-time, freelance, and remote work options. These p ositions typically involve handling accounts payable and receivable, overseeing payroll, and analyzing balance sheets.Looking for an inspiring way to start your day? Sign up forMorning MotivationIts our friendly Facebook robot that will send you a quick note every weekday morning to help you start strong. Sign up here by clicking Get StartedBookkeeperPay Up to $19/hourType of flexibility Temporary, flexible schedule, part-timeBookkeepers typically perform bank reconciliations, year-end closing duties, payroll, financial reports, and more. Knowledge of QuickBooks is required by many employers.Business consultantPay $48/hourType of flexibility Part-time, telecommute, freelanceWith an expertise in a particular area, business consultants typically work with an organization to handle questions, review processes, and improve performance.Copy editor/writerPay Up to $17/hourType of flexibility Temporary, part-time, telecommuteIf you have a strong eye for detail and grammar mistakes, a copy editor/writer position could be an ideal way to make money in your free time. Editors/writers typically create content and edit others work to ensure it is error-free.Curriculum writerPay $50/hourType of flexibility Temporary, part-time, telecommuteCurriculum writers are needed to develop curriculum and teaching guides that are used in a classroom. These positions sometimes require previous teaching experience.Freelance photographerPay Up to $20/hourType of flexibility Temporary, part-time, freelancePhotographers can find great side jobs where they will use their photography skills to take photos, which may include product photos, real estate photos, catalog photos, and more.Lead generation specialistPay $20/hourType of flexibility Freelance, part-time, telecommuteLead generation specialists typically prospect, qualify, and generate appointments for a variety of companies and business-development teams.Online communicationsassociatePay Up to $25/hourType of flexibility Telecommute, part-timeThis position often involves posting to social media, creating communication strategies, writing, and more. The nature of this job allows for great part-time and remote work options.Project managerPay Up to $43/hourType of flexibility Part-time, freelanceProject managers can find part-time or freelance jobs where their skills are used to oversee timelines, track budgets, coordinate team members, and more.Sign language interpreterPay $36.50/hourType of flexibility Part-timeSign language interpreters with a proper license can find part-time jobs where they assist those with hearing impairments facilitate communication through the use of sign language.Software developerPay Up to $30/hourType of flexibility Flexible schedule, part-time, telecommuteSoftware developers can find jobs related to maintaining and updating applications, testing automation design, troubleshooting issues, updating documentation, and more.Web designerPay $32/hourType of flexibility Part-time, telecommute , temporary, freelanceWeb designers are needed to help with the design end of websites. Jobs will require various program knowledge, such as CSS, WordPress, and jQuery.This article first appeared on FlexJobs.